NYFTF Photos and Testimonials



New York Film and Television Director, JoDa Hodge and NYU Film Professor, Madilyn Horowitzp1020089

Makeup Specialist, Goldie Tom, Navajo public speaker-actor-producer, Loren Anthony and American Horror Story Director, Alexis Ostrander Korycinskip1020095p1020081p1020084

Thank you we had a great time! Abigail learned a lot, and loved the Q & A portion especially. Looking forward to next year.

—Abigail Loos


    Great films and people. I made some important connections that have already paid off.

    —Irwin Greenstein
    Great festival at an awesome screening location in Brooklyn. The festival director JoDa Hodge is an excellent host and organizer.

    —Giancarlo Fusi

    The New York Film & TV Festival was a terrific opportunity to network and get to know other filmmakers.  The speech and Q&A with NYU Professor Marilyn Horowitz was very informational; it gave me some great insight on how to approach movie-making and the film industry.  The entire event was an experience that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my filmmaking career.

    —Ryan Schüler


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