Testimoninals from our Sister Film Festival

Testimonials: 2016 New York Short Film and Screenplay  Festival

Thank you so much for the opportunity for Abigail to be part of this event last night. And making it more of a family screening. That is a great idea for next year. A separate day for families and students to attend 🙂

Abigail really had a nice time and has more confidence to be more part of things in the future. Seeing her animation on the big screen also made it more clear where I need to direct her in her next creation. The quality and focus. Her CAPD (central auditory processing) has a lot to do with what she perceives as real or even funny. But I think a LOT of children these days who are on the Spectrum would connect with them. I think she also found her ’thing’. What she wants to be doing on a day to day basis. This is her joy.

She needed the opportunity to see what screenings are like. Though she was shy on the Q&A part, everyone with their questions were really helpful with their encouragement. As a mom I see where she has her weak points and always want to step in to help. Everyone helped make her evening one to remember 😀

Abigail is a 16 year old homeschooler who has Auditory Processing Issues (on the spectrum) who lives on the east end of LI. She loves animation, manga, anime, and cosplay and would really love to work in the animation industry when she graduates.

She hopes you enjoyed her fun film as much as she enjoyed creating it. It took her 2 straight weeks of eating sleeping and animating to create this.

She got the idea to create this because she made the poem and thought it would be fun to dance with her video game characters. She is currently working on her next one about a girl going from reality and jumping into the game world and back.

Hoping to see you all next year.

Teresa 😀


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